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Blogging with Laravel

Build a SEO-friendly blog with Laravel.
Get 10K monthly visitors from Google in just 6 months.

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How will you get me to 10K visits per month?

Google is a search engine whose main purpose is to give people what they're looking for.

Therefore, you must write the content they want and you will reach this goal as long as you don't give up.

See for yourself what happened in February 2023 on my blog.

Screenshot of the Google Search Console showing considerable growth.
+10K monthly visitors from Google in February 2023, after 5 months of existence.

Optimizing your content for Google is a lot of work, but it's a necessary long-term investment if you're making a living online.

And you're on right place to learn everything about it.

From the perspective of a web developer, I will teach you to:

  • Find the right content opportunities thanks to free keyword research tools
  • Structure your content to be more algorithm-friendly
  • Index your content faster
  • Monitor your rankings
  • Fight your way up to the top 3
  • Be a more productive writer, no matter your level
  • Build legit backlinks, one of the most important ranking factor
  • Help you apply my strategy at scale thanks to premium tools

Let's put the work in and your numbers will skyrocket!

My Fathom Analytics dashboard over the last 6 months.
My Fathom Analytics dashboard over the last 6 months.
Once you preorder the course, you will be able to access it freely.

Build your blog on solid foundations with Laravel

Most bloggers use WordPress with plugins like Yoast SEO to make sure their content rank.

But we all know how easy it is to lose control over WordPress, even when you are a developer. And don't get me started on the annoying advertising happening in the admin area.

Why not use Laravel instead and create something unique over which you have total control?

I will provide you, for free, with the source code of my highly ranked personal blog (just subscribe above).

What's in the course

Lessons to learn how to rank higher on Google

The lack of traffic on your website isn't a problem that can be fixed with code. You have to get out of your comfort zone!
Substainable traffic can only be acquired if you write compelling content that Google can offer to people searching for it.
You will find below a complete outline of what I'll teach you to help you reach this goal:
  1. 1
    Free: Learn what SEO is and what you should expect
  2. 2
    Free: Choose the right cloud provider for faster TTFB
  3. 3
    Free: Set up your Google Search Console, your new bible
  4. 4
    Use keyword research to write content people search for
  5. 5
    Structure your content to be more algorithm-friendly
  6. 6
    Increase your odds of ranking by reducing load time
  7. 7
    Ask Google to index your content faster
  8. 8
    Monitor your rankings and look for opportunities
  9. 9
    Fight your way up to the top 3
  10. 10
    Be a more productive writer thanks to modern tools
  11. 11
    Keep giving Google good signals with backlinks
  12. 12
    Use programmatic SEO to tremendously scale your traffic
  13. 13
    Use premium tools to help you rank thousands of pages
  14. 14
    Bust some SEO myths
Laravel 10

How to make sure your Laravel blog is
optimized for SEO, lovable and sharable

Ranking high in Google and unlocking limitless traffic requires only one thing: writing good content. Good news, this is what I teach in this course.
That being said, you can provides semantic HTML and structured data to Google that will help it understand your content better and lead to higher engagement thanks to enriched search results.
Every free email subscriber will get access to my personal blog's private GitHub repository. That way, you can see the code of a Laravel-based blog that reaches more than 10K visits from Google.
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    Having access to someone with first-hand experience in substantial traffic growth is priceless.
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    See what it's like to have a sustained flow of visits for 24/7, be inspired and stay motivated.

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Benjamin Crozat
Learn about the teacher

My name is Benjamin Crozat. I've been a web developer for 10+ years and started using Laravel in 2015 when version 5.1 was released.

I love building things, but I grew tired of being unable to get traffic on whatever I was doing.

Unless you are a Twitter rock star, it seems you can't get any attention on your projects. At some point, I had no choice but to fix the problem at its root: I had to learn SEO.

Fast-forward to today, my blog gets 13K visits each month, 10K from Google.

As I love sharing what I learn, I created Blogging with Laravel, which is a course that will teach you everything I know about SEO and how you can leverage it to grow your blog or your business.

Find me on GitHub, Instagram (I'm also a landscape photographer) and Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laravel SEO-friendly?

Yes, Laravel is SEO-friendly.

Actually, any platform is SEO-friendly. In my course, you will learn that content is what drives your rankings, not the code.

However, slow loading times due to bad hosting or suboptimized back-end code could penalize you.

How to do SEO in Laravel?

SEO with Laravel is done just like with any platform: by writing content people are looking for on search engines.

This isn't a problem you can only fix with code.

Yoast SEO for Laravel; is there any?

Yoast SEO is an extremely popular paid plugin for WordPress. It facilitates Google's understanding of your content by adding metadata.

While it certainly brings welcome optimizations, your website cannot rank without well-structured and algorithm-friendly content, which is what this masterclass teaches.

That said, I can think of several similar packages:

What if I don't like the course?

Blogging with Laravel will be updated indefinitely. You can either consider it an investment and email your feedback to, or claim your refund within 7 days of your preorder. No questions asked.